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Does Your Medical Call Center Need a New Name?

Consider an Internal Rebranding as a Strategic Initiative This Year

By Peter Lyle DeHaan, Ph.D.

Author Peter Lyle DeHaan

Functionally you may label your operation as a medical call center, a healthcare contact center, or a medical answering service. This identifier may or may not be included in the name of your operation.

Regardless, it might be time to develop a new label. Though this could include a rebranding for marketing purposes, what I’m suggesting is rebranding yourself internally.

An internal rebranding accomplishes two things.

First, an internal rebranding allows you to refocus your attention on the work you do, the needs of your community, and your strategic plans. Each one of these initiatives must build upon a core foundation of knowing who you are and what you do. Without first establishing this framework, whatever house you built on it will not be stable.

Second, internal rebranding allows you to reposition your operation to the rest of your organization. Most people outside of call centers don’t think highly of them. In most instances this includes the rest of your organization: corporate, sales and marketing, accounting, tech support, and healthcare staff.

Few of them recognize the key role you and your staff play in facilitating healthcare-related communications between patients and your organization. It’s time to reposition yourself from a cost center to a central communications hub.

Of course, to have any significant impact, this internal rebranding must run parallel with a fresh attitude, an invigorated perspective, and an increase in professionalism in all that you do. Don’t let others look down on you because you’re “just the call center.” Instead, reinvent yourself with a new label. To get your creativity flowing, here are ten ideas to consider or build upon:

  • Patient Support Center
  • Healthcare Customer Service Center
  • Patient Communication Hub
  • Healthcare Information Center
  • Patient Communication Solutions
  • Healthcare Contact Center
  • Medical Support Helpdesk
  • Patient Assistance Center
  • Telemedicine Support Hub
  • Patient Contact Center

          Cast a vision for what you want your operation to become and be known for.
Move away from being “just the call center,” and embark on an internal rebranding effort to reposition your operation. This will heighten your staff’s self-esteem and enhance the rest of your organization’s perception of you.

Peter Lyle DeHaan is the publisher and editor of Medical Call Center News and AnswerStat. Read more in his latest book, Healthcare Call Center Essentials, as well as Sticky Sales and Marketing.

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