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Sponsors of Medical Call Center News are industry-leading companies in the healthcare contact center space. They make Medical Call Center News possible, providing it to qualified industry members at no cost. We salute these organizations and ask that you thank them for their support of Medical Call Center News.

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LVM Systems, Inc.

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LVM has over three decades of experience developing contact center software solutions for the healthcare industry. LVM’s software solutions support both clinical and marketing functions. Clinically, they support nurse triage using Schmitt-Thompson clinical guidelines, patient transfer, behavioral health intake & assessment, disease management, care coordination, population health, post-discharge follow-up, and health information.

The marketing components support data-driven relationship management, physician referral, answering service, class registration, membership management, literature/brochure fulfillment, cross-marketing, and marketing outreach. In addition, LVM’s software includes web-based messaging, contact/visit tracking, and feedback management functionality. All components are available within the same software, enabling clients to use them throughout their healthcare organizations as needed.

Contact LVM Systems at 480-427-3186.

MedCall Plus

MedCall Plus: medical support center

MedCall Plus is one of the healthcare industry’s leading telephone answering and call center support services provider. With over 25 years of medically focused communication management expertise, MedCall Plus has professionally trained agents that become a seamless extension of your practice’s high standard of care.

  • Answering Service: Be available 24/7/365 without increasing staff.
  • Appointment Scheduling: Remind patients about upcoming appointments and continue to schedule even after hours.
  • Secure Messaging: Easily communicate with your patients and keep PHI secure.
  • On-Call Management: Take a step back while they answer your calls, and they’ll escalate them when necessary.
  • HIPAA Compliant and HITECH Certified.