The May 2010 Issue

Meeting Intrinsic Agent Needs in the Medical Call Center By Kelli Massaro Retaining top agents is essential to a medical call center’s success.  The challenge … Read more

The April 2010 Issue

Create a Call Center Culture of Optimism By Ozzie Fonseca Working as a customer service supervisor can be challenging for many reasons.  It is not … Read more

The January 2010 Issue

Managing a Successful Medical Call Center Team By Kelli Massaro Individuals have several basic intrinsic needs that must be met in the workplace to feel … Read more

The November 2009 Issue

Improved Patient Care Through Telehealth Nursing Medical call centers utilizing telehealth nursing services have found it to be a cost-effective and vital method of patient … Read more

The May 2009 Issue

Make Your Medical Call Center a Strategic Weapon By Jim Rembach For many organizations, the call center is the most important component in relationship management.  … Read more